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The region

Located in the center of Portugal, Fatima and the surrounding region, has a world of unforgettable experiences waiting for you!

Fátima, in Portugal, is a city with great access, located next to the highway A1, about 130 Km from Lisbon, 90 Km from Coimbra and 200 Km from Oporto.

Located in the center of the country, within a radius of 50 km you can enjoy places with excellent cultural, historical, religious and leisure values, where you can still enjoy the famous and rich gastronomy of this region.

Fátima, Batalha, Alcobaça, Nazaré and Óbidos are destinies that will be engraved in your memory and that will make you return more often.

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The Apparitions

On May 13th 1917, Fatima/Cova de Iria witnessed through three modest and innocent children: Jacinta, Francisco and Lúcia Marto, the Apparition of Our Lady under an azinheira, while they pastured their flock quietly.

The children affirmed that already in the previous year, 1916, they would have received 3 appearances of an Angel. This Angel presented himself as Angel of Peace or Angel of Portugal.

Two of the three Apparitions of the Angel were in Loca do Cabeço in the Valinhos and the other occurred near the well of the Arneiro, in the House of the Older Child, in this case to Lucia, in Aljustrel.

Regarding May 13th, Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia after praying the rosary, have ensured that they have seen an intense light. Thinking it was a lightning bolt they decided to go away but, suddenly they saw another strong light that illuminated the whole space in which they saw a "Lady Brighter than the Sun".

Testimonies of the time say that the Lady asked Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia to pray very much, that they should learn to read and invited them to return to the same place, in the next months for the same hour, and it happened.

This phenomenon was always repeated on the 13th, during 6 consecutive months, more properly until 13 October 1917, with the exception of the month of August in which the Apparition was made on the 19th, in the place of the Valinhos (belonging to the Parish of Fatima).

On October 13th of the same year, there were about 50,000 people in the Cova de Iria and Our Lady asked to build a chapel there in her honor when she identified herself as Senhora do Rosário.

Today, in the place of the aforementioned holm, there is the enormous Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fátima, concretely the Chapel of the Apparitions.